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We're pros at covering any type of commodity. After designing a tarp solution to fit your specific needs, our team will deliver and install the tarp to ensure your commodity is protected.

We offer various delivery and installation options, depending on the size and availability of your own crew.

Tarp Installation Options

  • Instruction Only & Equipment Rental

    We will provide verbal instructions for pulling and installing your tarp. Phone support provided at time of installation.

  • Sewing Only

    We will sew your tarp pieces together on-site after you have pulled the tarps, ensuring a proper seal.

  • Your Crew. We Sew.

    We will be on-site and instruct your crew to pull the tarp. We will sew the tarp pieces together and instruct crew members to finalize installation.

    Best Value

  • Full Installation

    We bring our own installation equipment and crew to pull, sew and finalize the tarp installation. We’ll take care of the entire installation, and save your time. Discounts available if we use your installation equipment.

Urgent Tarp Repair

High winds and power outages are notorious for causing tarps to rip or tear. When you purchase a tarp from Soles Enterprises you can rest assured that our phones are on and that we are available 24/7. We will get on the road immediately (day or night) in the event of a tarp rip and repair the damage to your cover before it gets worse. Please contact either Ralph or Ben in the event of a repair emergency.

Tarp Recycling

Looking for a place to recycle your used tarp? We got that covered too! Our recommendation is Minnesota Environmental Services. Give them a call at 612-991-6614 or check them out online.

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Equipment Rental

Cellular Tarp Monitor & Alarm

Keep a 24-hour watch on your commodity by renting one of our cellular based monitor and alarm systems. Various sensors and notifications are setup to meet your specific needs. The system will notify you via text, call, or email in the case of emergencies including: power failure, fan failure, low negative pressure under tarp (indicates loss of suction due to rip, fan blockage or other issue).

All components are housed in a waterproof box allowing you to store the unit outdoors near your pile.

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